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Apartments remodeled with high end finishes and ready to move-in the best locations in São Paulo.
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You request an assessment on our website and one of our consultants will schedule a technical visit.
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Based on our assessment of your property, you will receive a detailed and fair offer.
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We guide you throughout the process. After all the paperwork is done, you receive the final payment.

With Loft, you can sell your apartment and get a newly renovated home!

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    Neighborhoods we are present in

    São Paulo
    • Jardim AméricaJardim América
    • Jardim PaulistaJardim Paulista
    • Itaim BibiItaim Bibi
    Loft is different

    Why choose Loft?

    The process of buying and selling a property nowadays can be an exhausting experience. Instead of spending several months trying to sell or buy an apartment the traditional way, with Loft you find good and renovated options to buy, besides getting a quick sale of your apartment, all in one place.

    All in one place!
    • Fair offerFair offer

      Detailed analysis of the properties for a quick and fair offer.

    • Immediate liquidityImmediate liquidity

      Money quickly for anyone who wants to sell. Hassle free.

    • RenovatedRenovated

      Our apartments are renovated in a high standard.

    • Best finishesBest finishes

      We work with the best suppliers in the market.


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